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New Wings Academy

New wings academy Play school is built on Institutional land with an area of 2500 sq ft which provides ample space to stimulate all round development of a child. At New Wings academy, love, freedom and exposure are the basic ingredients used for developing a child’s talent with low student teacher ratio to provide individual attention.Child continuously explore , make discoveries,and learn new skills . New wings academy is an initiated PAM Facility Management services & NGO H.A.S.S. and believes that a good play school education can lay the foundation of success in school and in life .

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New Wings Activity Centre

English has been recognized as one of the most broadly spoken languages and is the most acknowledged form of communication in the business world. So, one can well imagine the importance of having a control over this language. Although people study Basic English in schools as a subject, they face various communication related problems, be it in writing or speaking. Lack of English knowledge can cause many problems like lack of confidence resulting in unemployment. It can also act as a hindrance in accomplishing success in fields of science, arts, media etc.


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Our Facility

  • Digital Smart Class Learning.
  • Safe and Hygienic ambience.
  • Spacious, bright and colourful classrooms.
  • Suitable Teacher Child Ratio.
  • Wide range of Learning Play Equipments.